Biafra: Even If You Cut Down President Buhari’s Head, UN Will Still Not Give You Biafra – Uwazuruike Tells Nnamdi Kanu 

Biafra: Even If You Cut Down President Buhari’s Head, UN Will Still Not Give You Biafra – Uwazuruike Tells Nnamdi Kanu 

Biafra- Chief Dr. Ralph Uwazuruike, the directors of BIM-MASSOB has made a shocking statement that United Nations will not give you Biafra even if you cut down Buhari’s head.

Uwazuruike said that non violence self-determination has a process which most be followed.

The leader of MASSOB made the statement when he broke out the current news as it regards to prominent leaders from the North-Central geopolitical zone exiting from the Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF and announced the formation of the North Central Peoples Forum, NCPF.

“What is happening in the North now has just justified his assertion years back that when Nigeria will divide, Ndigbo will not play any role and the division of Nigeria will start from the North, ” Uwazuruike stated.

“When the Arewa youth leader, Yerima Shetima with his entourage and the middle belt youth leaders paid a solidarity visit to Biafra government at Owerri, our seat of power.

“The gullible pro Biafra group who do not understand the principles and processes of non violence agitations, and this group only exist on social media will be accusing him stating that Uwazuruike is winning and dinning with enemies of Biafra.

“They have been druming war beat with Nigeria government in the name freedom fighting. See let me tell you :

“United Nations cannot support you without Nigeria first releasing you, even if you kill president Buhari.

“Because Nigeria is a member state of United Nations. So they have to protect the interest of their member state,” Uwazuruike added.

“In analogy concept, this is like a master and his servants, even if it has reached the agreed time for him to settle you and he refuses.

“You do not need to quarrel or fight with him, even if you kill him in the process, it will not make the members of the family of your master to settle you because you killed one of them.

“But when you relate and associate well with your master even the members of family can as well advocate for your settlement with the concept of your master. This is how it is with me (Chief Uwazuruike) and Nigeria government.

“If associating with my Northern friends wouldn’t have helped us to get Biafra, I wouldn’t have associated with them and if you look at it, they have been in support of what we are doing.

“We have radical Arewa people and Fulani people who wants Nigeria to divide peacefully despite Britain handing power over to them.

“There is Biafra, Oduduwa and now Middle belt has joined. When Nigeria will be fully divided, you will surprise to found out that those you think that they do not want Nigeria to divide will be the one telling you where and how Nigeria will be divided. So expect more shocking news of liberation from middle belt people.”